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Culture Shock

WIUX Music Team’s Top 3 Albums of 2020

All albums are listed in order of their release.


Soccer Mommy “Color Theory”

February 28, 2020 (Indie Rock / Dream Pop)

Soccer Mommy’s second studio album, Color Theory, very much rooted in sadness and nostalgia, is ironically a bright, colorful light in 2020. Building on the great sound established in her previous releases, this album’s production sounds more polished, while at the same time more distortion-heavy through the use of effects. As expected, it is chock-full of personality and emotion, chronicling grief, depression, and feelings of inadequacy. Each track is important and unique, with the true standout being “yellow is the color of her eyes." Taking advantage of several synthesizers and effects, Sophie Allison creates a piece that is both incredibly beautiful and melancholy. It’s one you listen to from start to finish, with no skips, and then again.

- Ben Spector



Phoebe Bridgers “Punisher”

June 17th, 2020 (Indie Rock / Emo-Folk)

Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher was a huge standout album for me in 2020 because of its captivating sounds and classically-Phoebe simple yet gut-wrenching lyrics like “I would do anything you want me to / I would do anything for you” and “You couldn’t have stuck your tongue down the throat of somebody who loves you more.” My personal favorite tracks are the upbeat (at least for Phoebe Bridgers) “ICU,” and the beautifully folky “Graceland Too.” The album as a whole is a great continuation of Bridgers’ discography and a definite star of 2020 with her haunting vocals and incredible lyricism.

- Macy Brammer



God Colony “Cult”

July 10th, 2020 (Hip-Hop / Techno)

Cult is a master-class in collaboration. God Colony themselves expertly weave together their respective musical backgrounds to create tracks with a strong base of techno-club beats without skimping on melody or structure. Delivering the vocals on this album are a diverse collection of artists from fashion designer Ib Kamara (Sine’Gal) to grime up-and-comer Flohio (Funmi Ohio). This is a dense project; each feature warrants its own deep dive. It’s experimental yet accessible. I’m reminded of Childish Gambino’s 3.15.20. From earlier this year; maybe stylistically it's not the best comparison, but both are bold and refreshing.

- Joey Conway



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