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Culture Shock

The Fly Heard Around the World

Written by Nolan Lantin

The Most Entertaining Moments of the Pence vs. Harris Debate

America witnessed Vice President Mike Pence and Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, take the debate stage on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Many Americans would agree that this debate was more polite and civilized compared to the previous one with Trump and Biden arguing over each other.

In this event, Susan Page, the moderator of the event and journalist of USA Today, asked both running mates topics about the USA and China’s relationship, healthcare, the criminal justice system, climate change and COVID-19. Here are the main takeaways from the debate that left the viewers shocked and laughing.


Harris: “...If Donald Trump tells me I should take it, I’m not going to take it…”

Susan Page asked Sen. Harris about the United State’s handling of the coronavirus. Sen. Harris highlighted the death count, which is now over 220 thousand deaths, and the over eight million cases of COVID-19 in America.

Harris was later asked if she would be open to taking a COVID-19 vaccine if it ever comes out, to which she said she’ll be the first in line if public health officials give it out. However, “if Donald Trump tells me I should take it, I’m not going to take it."

It is quite the topic in the U.S. about the mistrust of vaccines. However, Pence strives to give hope to the viewers that a vaccine is underway. “We’re going to have a vaccine, Senator, in record time!”


Kamala Harris won’t say yes or no to packing the court

Pence was on defense for his support for the Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. In his commentary, he wanted to ask Sen. Harris if she and Biden would pack the courts.

Sen. Harris responds with a history lesson about Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. “But, honest Abe said it was not the right thing to do. The American People deserve to make the decision."

“Once again, you gave a non-answer, Joe Biden gave a non-answer,” Pence replied.


The Fly on the Vice President’s hair?

An hour-and-10 minutes into the debate and Susan Page asks both running mates about the justice system as well as the the shooting of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY.

It came time for Pence’s two-minute commentary. As he was explaining why implicit bias in law enforcement was a “great insult," a fly landed on the Vice President’s head. This little occurrence in the debate stole the spotlight for about two minutes before flying off. This “buzzed” everyone on social media and people were quick to post about it.






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