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Culture Shock



Last weekend Beanie graced our screens with his Culture Stream performance. His set followed the previous week’s stream by Sarah Cassidy. Beanie is a Bloomington-based electronic musician who experiments with a wide range of electronic genres, from experimental bass to dubstep to house. He has been producing music since 2011 and has since then received recognition from several other well-known electronic musicians and platforms.


Unlike our other Culture Stream artists, Beanie’s set did not show him in person performing the songs. Instead, Beanie’s atmospheric and bass-heavy beats were accompanied by trippy visuals which move on the screen along with the music. The half -hour long set was a lot of fun to listen to as the songs blended into one another and flowed very nicely. There was also good variation between heavier dubstep songs and more ambient tracks which made for easy casual listening for listeners who might not be very familiar with this kind of electronic music.



If you missed Beanie’s performance, it is archived on the WIUX Instagram page, along with all of the other Culture Stream performances for Phases I and II. If you’re interested in learning more about Beanie, you can check out his Instagram and soundcloud.


Donations to the Homeless Black Trans Fund are still open! A random donor will be chosen at the end of Phase II to receive and WIUX crewneck.

While Phase II of our virtual summer concert series is now in the home stretch, there is still more music to come! You can tune in next week to watch brz perform.


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