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CULTURE STREAM PHASE II – Bloomington Delta Music

The month of July is flying by at a lightning fast speed – much in the same manner as our lineup of shows from the first phase of Culture Stream. Over the past several weeks, our screens have been blessed with the virtual presences of Turquoise Mansion, KT Faithful, Ryns, and For Story, all in support of the Indianapolis Bail fund.


Last weekend marks the beginning of PHASE II of our Culture Stream program at WIUX. The next three weeks will continue to provide you with more music and entertainment – this time with donations going toward the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund.


Kicking off this month of festivities is Bloomington Delta Music, who streamed their inaugural performance on WIUX’s Instagram page last Saturday. Bloomington Delta Music, (or “BDM” for short) is a conglomerate of musicians at IU with a mixed variety of musical backgrounds, all brought together by their love and appreciation for the historic music born out of the Mississippi Delta region.


A little bit Soul, A little bit of Funk, with some Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Psychedelia thrown in for good measure, BDM is a groovy Khruangbin-esque band sporting a whole mélange of musical styles and influences. The chill vibes that they emanate are a perfect fit for anyone suffering from the Quarantine Blues. Additionally, the band’s appreciation for such a diverse range of music could not be better suited for the cultural atmosphere that we currently find ourselves in. Their music voices a celebration of life – life in every shape and form.


If you missed the show, you can find it archived on the WIUX Instagram page; there you will find all the performances from our Phase I artists as well. For more information on the band, visit their page linked at the bottom of this article

And don’t forget to donate! A random donor will be chosen at the end of Phase II to receive a free WIUX crewneck!

Tune in next weekend for a performance by IU musician Sarah Cassidy.

Homeless Black Trans Fund:

BDM Instagram:


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