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Culture Shock

WIUX Time Capsule: Ty Segall, The War on Drugs, Joe Exotic at Culture Shock ’11

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing Culture Shock 2020 to be pushed back to a later date, we at WIUX are using this time as an opportunity to look back and celebrate past Culture Shock Music Festivals. We’re starting this series today with Culture Shock Music Festival 2011 when Ty Segall, The War on Drugs, and Joe Exotic, performed on one of the greatest stages in the college radio world.

BLOOMINGTON, IN – It is almost 80 degrees out on this beautiful, sunny, afternoon in April, but Dunn Meadow only got hotter as college kids and big cat enthusiasts gather by the stage. As Brooklyn indie pop newcomers Beach Fossils began to prepare for their set, we took the opportunity to ask attendees what they are most excited about for this year’s festival.

“I literally have never heard of most of the people in this lineup. But having Joe Exotic here is a huge deal.” – Tony Vaughn, sophomore.

“Joe Exotic is the pulse of the DIY alt country world; he’s been all over college radio for the past year. It’s wild they got him.” – Molly Roche, freshman.

“Who is Ty Segall?” – Max Cohen, WIUX Co-Music Director.


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