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Concert Review: Elohim at the Old National Centre


Mehro was the first performer to bless the stage of the Deluxe room at the Old National Centre in Indianapolis for the Group Therapy Tour, on March 5th, 2020. He released his debuted single, "Perfume," while on tour. His genre is not yet defined but his powerful vocals can take him any direction. This tour is a huge start to what looks to be a really promising career for the blossoming artist.

Bahari followed up Mehro. The duo captured you with flawless vocals and an addicting stage presence. They’re described on their Spotify page as dreamy dark pop. In keeping with the tradition of playing instruments live on stage, both the keyboard and electronic guitar were a great foundation for the show. It proves they're more than just singers, they’re true musicians.

Their most recent release, "gameboy," is the first single off their upcoming album.


Elohim, the solo electro-pop artist based in Los Angeles, essentially provided group therapy for the audience. Her costuming ranged from a hooded cloak to a floor-length sheer skirt with a high necked black tank top to the same top with cargo like pants with a chain. The accessories really made the outfits pop, her chunky necklaces were beautiful. Elohim aims to be very interactive with the crowd and she did just that. Between her sets there were monologues speaking to the crowd, it was very encapsulating as the audience let themselves go and followed what the words were saying. She has such an energetic presence on stage, jumping along with the audience and reaching out to touch her fans. With less than 500 people, the show definitely felt more intimate. At the end of the show, Elohim also passed out flowers in a celebratory manner to those on the rail.



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