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New Year, New Music - January Mixtape

With winter break coming to an end, start your year off right with some fresh tunes brought to you by WIUX HQ.

Katie Maher - Vice President of Content and Programming

One of my favorite “holiday” songs is “Driving Under Stars” by Marika Hackman. Something about the composition of this track reminds me of The Cure, but since it’s Christmas-centric, I could totally put it on the family Sonos in the living room without being scolded.

The second one is “Fairytale of New York” by The Pouges. The song is this dialogue between a couple who wake up in the drunk tank on Christmas Eve and just start fighting about all of the false promises and losses from the past year.

I guess I have three(!) but “50 Words For Snow” by Kate Bush. It is exactly what the title suggests - Kate Bush naming 50 different words in an ethereal whisper in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Jack Noble - Art Director

"La Meg" - Okay Kaya

With Okay Kaya’s new album coming out soon, I’ve been revisiting her 2018 album Both frequently. The song is in her native language, Norwegian, and although I am not really sure what the song is about I still try my best to sing along to it. It’s a great song to add to your homebody playlist because of its washed-out guitar and pleasant melody.

Kenlynn Albright - Analytics Director

My winter song is “Are You in Love?” by James Blake. This song makes me want to order a weighted blanket. James Blake’s voice makes me MELT. There’s also a gorgeous cover by Yana Perrault linked here.

Hannah Cougill - Vice President of External Affairs

"Caroline Shut Up" by Caroline Polachek

It's the perfect song to listen to in the car, train, and/or plane (and try not to sing along in public) for all of the traveling during the holiday season!

Tanner Chaille - News Director

"I’ll Never Fall in Love Again" by Dionne Warwick

This song is a dreamy easy listening track and a perfect pairing of Burt Bacharach’s writing and Dionne Warwick’s smooth vocals. It’s a great song to get you through the stressful holiday season and to remind you of love’s stresses.

Patrick Casasanta - Special Events Director

"Suddenly" by Drugdealer ft. Weyes Blood

My roommate started playing this song around the end of last semester and I have been coming back to it over and over again during break. The vocals are so mesmerizing and there is a such a cyclical pattern to the song.

Noah Barajas - Visual Content Director

"New Spring" by Speak

It's my favorite over break cuz it's a very "I'm a new me" kind of song, and that's an energy I'm feeling for 2020! Sounds like amateur hip-hop production, with lyrics from Speak that are inspiring and reinvigorating.

Mia Waggoner - Chief Engineer

"Bushwick Blues" by Delta Spirit. It’s a rock song with great instrumentals and builds energy throughout. The song is fast paced and driven by a simple but cool drum beat.

Nick Comer - PR Director

"Bricks" by Charli XCX & Tommy Genesis

The bits of the song that were showcased in Assassination Nation in 2018 have been a bit of a hot commodity amongst Charli’s fan base, often pieced together for a low quality one-minute snippet that we all kept on repeat. But late 2019, Christmas came early with it’s official release and Charli and Tommy proved to be a dream team once again. Finally having the final product (and with such a dope sound) caused me to astral project, so naturally I couldn’t keep it off of repeat. Especially so, the insane final thirty seconds feel like Tommy Guns covered in an iridescent wrap and colorful drugs on a yacht made of money.

Abby Harrison - Vice President of Operations and Infrastructure

I’ve had "Just A Fan" by Roar on repeat because it reminds me of music I used to listen to in middle school like Plushgun and the lyrics are super awesome! No one uses the toy piano anymore :(

Anna Fagin - Radio Production Director

I’ve been listening to this song called “She Don’t See” by Frame Shop a ton over the break. It kind of reminds me of Rex Orange County and Whitney. It’s simple and easy to enjoy while also being kinda sad when you listen to the lyrics, nonetheless a great song.

Coady Raab - 99.1 Programming Director

"Ceremony" - New Order

Following the death of their lead singer Ian Curtis, Joy Division went on hiatus, and eventually reformed as the group New Order. Originally recorded as Joy Division, and re-released as New Order, this fast-paced, guitar-driven track serves not only as an anthem to the post-punk aesthetic but as a tribute to one of its founders.

Joey Conway - B-Side Programming Director

"Robber" by Pinky Pinky

Groovy opening riff that spins into some good old soft punk. Grungy enough for the cold, smooth enough for the sunny weather.

Yeeseon Chae - Web Content Director

"Something Has to Change" - The Japanese House

I'm late to the Japanese House party, but this song is only fitting for the start of the new year. It's catchy and bright and soon enough, the chorus will get stuck in your head like a mantra.


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