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Culture Shock

Jack White Remembers He’s in The Raconteurs - New Album to Drop This Summer

In a press release via their record label, popular rock group the Raconteurs announced that they will be releasing a much anticipated 3rd album this coming summer. The new creative drive behind this project, to be titled Don’t Salt My Pancakes, purportedly came after frontman Jack White finally remembered that the band still existed. Band member Brendan Benson has been quoted as saying, “Yeah Jack called and said he had just been really busy lately but that we should get together and record sometime. It was pretty obvious that he just forgot about the band. I mean it’s been eleven years… but ya know that’s just Jack. So yeah, he came over that afternoon, we whipped up the album in about half an hour and there you have it. The only thing left to do is send it to the pressers.” Rumor has it that the album will only be released for the gramophone and those old-timey musical crank box things for an “authentic, analog sound that kids today should really try to appreciate.”

When asked to comment on what brought his creative attention back to The Raconteurs, White stated: “Well, I was upholstering this couch one morning, just listening to the French national anthem, I find it very soothing. And uh, I just noticed these three staples on the back of this uh couch. The symbolism was just so spiritual and so strong in those staples it just made me feel so much. And then I realized what they were meant to represent, all of my musical history you know- The White Stripes, my solo stuff, and The Raconteurs.” After being questioned about his fourth musical project, The Dead Weather, White abruptly ended the interview cursing and said, “he had to make some phone calls.”


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