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11 K-Pop Songs to Usher In Spring

As the spring sun melts the cold bitterness of winter, we all need some great music to melt our hearts too. Due to my passionate advocacy for K-pop, I have compiled a diverse collection of K-pop songs that will hopefully delight and inspire this spring season.

“Blooming Day” - EXO-CBX

When EXO-CBX released this song last April it seemed that K-pop had just acquired a new springtime classic. Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin showcase refreshing vocals and choreography over a clean, sharp synth and addictive bass line. “Blooming Day”’s catchy melody and charming lyrics make the perfect soundtrack for a walk around campus in the warm spring breeze.

“You, Who?” - Eric Nam, Somi

Many K-pop fans are familiar with Korean-American entertainer Eric Nam. He’s not only famous for his prolific solo music career, but also for his stint as a host on the internationally popular variety show, After School Club. Nam has a carefree, warm voice, and paired with a cheerful guitar rhythm and former I.O.I member Somi’s sweet harmonies, “You, Who?” is the perfect song for springtime easy-listening.

“1000” - Jonghyun

SHINee’s Jonghyun is well-known for his songwriting abilities and his talent as one of the group’s main vocalists. He’s was also born in April, and thus his presence on this spring-themed list feels especially significant.

“1000” was originally released by Jonghyun on his late-night radio program Blue Night, but was officially released in 2017 on his second compilation album, “Story Op.2.” The album tracklist is divided up with certain tracks pertaining to each of the four seasons. “1000” is listed under the spring section, and Jonghyun’s tender earnest voice is a welcome transition into spring after a harsh winter. Simple guitar accompanies the studio version, with piano accompanying the live version, both adding a feeling of romance and longing to the song. It’s fitting for relaxing on a spring day with a bedroom window open to let the sunlight in.

Enjoy this live performance of 1000, where Jonghyun’s passion as a musician really shines.

“What The Spring??” - 10cm

Duo 10cm originally promoted this release as a standard spring song full of the charm of the season, but once it was actually released the lyrics revealed a different story. Rather than being a celebratory song, the lyrics are critical of a romanticised spring season characterized by cherry blossoms and loving couples.

Biting lyrics like, “Do you really like spring you fools? Are cherry blossoms really that pretty you idiots? Flower petals eventually fall, I hope you all fall too. I hope you all break up” are combined with a relaxing, sweet guitar melody, making this song a comedic and fun change from the usual springtime fare.

Enjoy this live performance of the song, complete with English subtitles to help reveal the extent of the song’s humor.

“Healing” - Seventeen

For an upbeat song filled with spring-fueled energy, look no further than thirteen-member powerhouse boy group Seventeen. However large in number they are, Seventeen manage to craft sleek, dynamic music where each member stands out in their own way. “Healing” is no different, and from the first note it keeps the listener hooked with airy vocals and an increasingly building bass that culminates in a perfect pop chorus. Spring is all about renewal, and there’s no better way to experience that spirit of renewal than with this bright song full of all its healing charms.

“Galaxy” - bolbbalgan4

This female duo began making music out of a desire to promote a cheery, youthful sound, and this quirky love song is the perfect complement to the spring season. With use of outer space imagery, lead vocalist Jiyoung’s warm, raspy voice, and rapper Jiyoon’s steady rhythm, “Galaxy” is a sweet soundtrack to any spring romance.

“B612” - Oh My Girl

This mid-tempo ballad is inspired by the French novel, “The Little Prince.” It takes its title from the planet where the prince lives, and the lyrics compare a crush to the feeling the Little Prince harbors for his love, the Rose. This song incorporates a surprising mixture of sounds, combining layers of vocals with elements of acoustic guitar, chimes, synth, and trumpet. It’s a fresh and unique track that gives off a wandering feeling, perfect for strolling through a park on a sunny spring day contemplating unrequited crushes.

Enjoy this live video of the group performing B612 at their album showcase.

“Flower Way” - Sejeong

This emotional ballad sung by former I.O.I and current Gugudan member Sejeong is a sentimental and powerful song full of strong vocals, soft piano, an a string section that builds throughout the song until it climaxes in a bridge that blossoms just like spring blossoms out of winter.

K-pop is known for its collection of heart-wrenching, romantic ballads and this one is ideal for those days when the spring rain is falling and a day spent indoors listening to music feels like a day well spent.

Sejeong shows off her stellar voice in this live performance of the song.

“A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” - BTS

While “Spring Day” is one of BTS’ most well known songs, “You Never Walk Alone” is an underrated gem. The gentle, haunting string instrumentation at the beginning of the song builds into powerful rap and vocal verses, illustrating a journey of hope and healing. “Spring Day” feels stuck in a winter that won’t end, wishing desperately for spring to come, but “You Never Walk Alone” brings a spring characterized by hope and promise.

This live performance of “You Never Walk Alone” and “Spring Day” from the 2017 Melon Music Awards illustrates the group’s passionate stage presence!

“Everyday With You” - IU

One of South Korea’s most successful solo artists, IU has released an impressive and versatile catalogue of music. “Everyday With You” is a calming acoustic ballad, and IU’s emotive vocals narrate the desire to be with one’s significant other and share every moment together. This song is the ideal soundtrack for dozing in bed on a spring morning as dew blankets the grass outside.

This live performance is complete with English subs, and a section of IU’s banter with the audience and her band. The song starts at 5:19.

“Cherry Blossom Ending” - Busker Busker

A K-pop spring playlist wouldn’t be complete without this legendary song. Busker Busker was a 3 piece band that released this highly-praised spring song in 2012. Every year since, as the spring season has arrived so has this song back at the top of the Korean music charts. Its jaunty guitar and wandering bass promote an easygoing and nostalgic feeling, complete with a memorable melodica section. It’s the perfect song for relaxing under the spring sun surrounded by nature and friends, thinking about the things in life worth celebrating.


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