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Culture Shock

Meet The Lineup of Culture Shock 2019

Culture Shock season is upon us with less than a month away until the glorious one-day fest on Saturday, April 20th. The 33rd annual festival follows last year's lineup including Chicano Batman, milo, and Joy Again. This year, the sun will come out again on the beautiful grass of Dunn Meadow and shine brilliantly over our festivities, so don't forget to bring your sunscreen and read on to learn more about this year's acts!


Born and raised in Chicago, Saba will headline 2019's Culture Shock. After being recognized for his collaboration on Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap mixtape in 2013, the 24-year old rapper and producer released Bucket List Project in 2016 and most recently his powerful and most personal album, Care For Me, in April of 2018. Dedicated to Saba’s late cousin, Walter Long Jr., Care For Me details the transformation of Saba’s grief and loneliness into a way of processing through art. As a talented storyteller, Saba is able to create intensely personal experiences with his work and make them universal. Saba, along with his crew Pivot Gang, is paving the future of rap and hip-hop. You can follow Saba on Instagram and Twitter.


SHAED is the electro-pop trio fronted by lead singer Chelsea Lee and twin brother producers Max and Spencer Ernst. Based in D.C., the group decided on their name in reference to a cloak made of shadow after reading it in Name of the Wind, of the fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicles. The mysticism extends beyond just their name and into their soulful, yet catchy music that puts you in a sort of trance. Though the band grew up together, they only started collaborating together under the name SHAED with the electro-pop sound a couple of years ago. Their debut EP, Just Wanna See, was released in 2016, followed by MELT which was released last year. You can follow SHAED on their Instagram and Twitter.

Lala Lala

Chicago-based Lala Lala will be joining our illustrious lineup at this year's fest. The indie rock group, fronted by Lillie West, specializes in creating moods of organized frenzy. Lala Lala made their entrance with their first studio album, Sleepyhead, in 2016, showing off West's talent for humor and an ability to make a perfect atmosphere for hanging out with your friends. Following their debut release, Lala Lala released The Lamb, made in response to West's increasing anxiety about social pressures, self-doubt, and how scary it can be just to be alive. On top of it all, Lala Lala also has an amazing presence on Twitter, which is arguably one of the most essential parts of being a modern band. You can follow Lala Lala on Instagram and Twitter.

Black Belt Eagle Scout

It's not hard to fall in love with Black Belt Eagle Scout's music. Identifying as a radical indigenous queer feminist, Katherine Paul's musical project explores themes of identity and loss, as well as relearning romance to one's own definition of intimacy. Black Belt Eagle Scout recently released their first studio album, Mother of My Children, in September of last year. Songs like "Soft Stud" and much of Paul's music is quiet, but it always brims with energy and a sharp internal focus. Paul makes it obvious through her music that the biggest impact something can have can appear small at first. The softness contrasts with the two loudest and most confrontational tracks on the record, "Just Lie Down" and "Sam, A Dream," which bring to mind early guitar work from Sleater-Kinney and Riot Grrl. Do yourself a favor and sit down with the album to be truly acquainted with Black Belt Eagle Scout before Culture Shock. Follow Katherine Paul and the band on Instagram and Twitter.


Hailing from Louisville, the psychedelic-rock band Boa will bring their sun-soaked grooves to Culture Shock. The band is comprised of bassist Shane Spader, guitarist Logan Hopkins, and drummer Gaven Hopkins with all three members providing vocals. The bandmates came together following the breakup of their previous prog-rock group, The Formalities, into their new psychedelic and funk-infused sound. Perhaps it's because two-thirds of the band are brothers, but Boa has an easy, synchronized flow about them that just makes you want to dance. Their most recent 7-song EP, No Bad Days, was released in 2017. Before they take the stage at Dunn Meadow, make sure to follow Boa on Instagram and Twitter.

The Slaps

Based in Chicago, the indie-rock band The Slaps will be performing at this year's Culture Shock. Self-described as "6 arms, 6 legs, 6 fully-functioning eyeballs," The Slaps will bring their hazy and self-aware charms to the Dunn Meadow stage this April. Their most recent single, "Cheers," was released last week and its slightly nostalgic, slightly lonesome, summery vibes are perfect even in transitional and windy March. The single follows their Singles EP from 2018 and their debut album "Susan's Room," which was released in 2017. Follow The Slaps too see what they get up to on Instagram and Facebook.


Indianapolis-favorite punk and psychedelic band Chives will perform at this year's Culture Shock. Eclectic and energetic, the band doesn't stay within the labels of either genre and leans instead into a sort of danceable intensity. They most recently released their EP, Payasso, in 2017 following Porcelain from 2016. Follow Chives on Facebook and Bandcamp to find out more!

Willis & Diop

Willis & Diop, both Indianapolis-based hip-hop artists and producers, will be providing a fresh, hip-hop set to highlight their recent collaborations. Diop has been in the Indy hip-hop scene for over a decade and recently released the new album Still Shinin' in 2018. Grounded by his work, the prolific artist wants his music to make an impact and not just sound good, but help build and empower communities. Newer to the scene but still highly impressive is Willis, the 20 year old rapper and producer. A self-taught producer and engineer, his first album "Chasing Daisy" and "Now Leaving District Nine" took off on Soundcloud. Following his debut, his newest album Midwest Neverland was released in 2018. You can follow Diop on Facebook and Soundcloud, and also Facebook and Soundcloud for Willis for their newest updates.

Allison Victoria

Next up on the lineup is Allison Victoria, an Indianapolis-native singer-songwriter who first got her start with open mics around the city. Victoria's voice has been recognized for its magnetism and smoothness by artists and the music community in Indianapolis. Her original work including songs, "Beneath the Dust" and "Let Go," which we will hopefully have the fortune of hearing at Culture Shock, show off her ability to move the audience with her messages of love. You can follow Allison Victoria on Facebook.


The musical project of Katie Faith O'Neill is one of our local acts for this year's lineup. Originally from Indianapolis, the musician and IU media major got her start with music through doing choir in kindergarten. Far from the Catholic school choir now, O'Neill's voice still shines through in her high-energy, indie pop productions, presented with personalized Memojis and snippets of daily life. Her newest EP, In My Head, was released this year. You can follow ktfaithful for new music and more updates on Instagram and Twitter.


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