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Culture Shock

Nana-Viewed: Three 6 Mafia’s "Slob on my Knob"


Welcome to the first review of my new bi-weekly column, Nana-Viewed, where I’ll be posting my grandmother’s opinion on all sorts of songs. First, I would like to give some background on my grandmother before I dive into the first song review. My grandmother is a young grandma, she’s 54. I would say she is fairly liberal for her age, so finding songs that get a reaction out of her will be a challenge. Her all-time favorite musician is Elvis Presley. She has lived in the Midwest her entire life and she is a hard-working woman.

I had her pull up a lyric video from Youtube so she could read along as she listened. If you’ve ever listened to Three 6 Mafia’s "Slob on my Knob," then you know that the song comes in heavy and fast. My grandmother did not know this. As soon as the song began she uttered “holy crap,” clearly caught off guard and then the giggling started. This woman giggled throughout the entire song, throwing in a “holy moly” every here and there.

“The beginning really caught me off guard.” - Loretta's grandmother

Next, I had her pull up the lyrics online to read for further discussion. As soon as she pulled the lyrics up, the laughing began again; she was hysterical.

Loretta Sperry: So what did you think?

Loretta's Grandmother: Some of the words were hard to understand, it sounded like he was slobbing on a knob himself.

LS: Did the song shock you?

LG: I thought it was more funny than shocking. I think you’d have to be really be repulsed by it.

LS: Do you think any of the lyrics in this song are dehumanizing to women?

LG: I think all this is, is them trying to make the song shocking. People listen to music sometimes for the shock factor and this thing made me laugh like crazy. I think they made the song like this because this is what the kids are doing nowadays; sex is not a love-y thing. That’s not a bad thing though, there is all kinds of music like this, even country.

LS: Should we work to prevent lyrics like this from existing in music?

LG: I think there are a lot more things in the world that need to be changed than music. If you don’t like this music, don’t listen to it.

Stay tuned next Friday for the next segment of Nana-Viewed!

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