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Nana-Viewed: "SEE YOU AGAIN" by Tyler, The Creator


After hearing my grandmother’s thoughts last week, when she heard and watched the music video for “YONKERS”, I was curious what her opinion would be on something Tyler had done more recently. So, I decided to have her listen to “SEE YOU AGAIN.” We started just with the audio for the song, so she could experience the song on its own before seeing the music video or reading the lyrics.

Loretta’s Grandmother: Well this is a nice one. Why is it so different?

After hearing the song one time through, I had her pull up the lyrics to look through them.

Loretta Sperry: So what do you think?

LG: I like it but seeing what he did in the first place… this doesn’t seem like his same type of genre. You can see there evidently was a transition somewhere in his life.

LS: Now, looking here at the lyrics. Does anything stand out as your favorite?

LG: I like a few different parts.

Yeah I give up my bakery for a piece of your pie - Verse 2 of “SEE YOU AGAIN” by Tyler, The Creator

LG: It’s cute.
It’s them rose tinted cheeks, yeah it’s them dirt-colored eyes

LG: I think it (that line) stands out because he doesn’t talk about blue eyes or green-eyes girls. It’s not the typical stereotypical song lyrics about the perfect girl with blue eyes. I like that line.

LG: I just figured out why I like this one better, it reminds me of Ludacris.

After talking over the lyrics, I had her finally watch the music video.

LS: So, what did you think of the music video? His style?

LG: This is something I would listen to because it is appealing. The way he’s styled, what it represents, this is something, to me, that he should make more money on. I liked him much better in this, this type of music. I liked him because he was different, facial expressions, body movements, the way he danced.

She giggled at the end of the music video when Tyler is dressed as a ghost for the last verse.

Overall thoughts about “YONKERS” and “SEE YOU AGAIN”

LG: I honestly, now that I have seen both of these eras, kind of just want to go see what else he has out there. I am kind of interested now. He won me over with “SEE YOU AGAIN” not with the other triceratops-sex having thing.

So it seems, we may have created a Tyler, The Creator fan!


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