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Culture Shock

Plateau Below

Brought to you by the WIUX Engineering Committee with the help of IUSTV.

Plateau Below:

Latest EP:

On their debut album, Plateau Below flow like a river: serene yet strong, their sound recalls the passage of water. Bright, layered vocal melodies float and shimmer over rippling guitars. Lyrically, the theme of a flowing river is evoked throughout to wonder on the passage of time. On Still Paradise, we hear a voice at odds with a river that changes ceaselessly. True to this theme, the Bloomington, Indiana quartet recorded Still Paradise like the traditional rock it echoes: all of the bass, drums, and rhythm guitars were recorded in live takes. The result is a classic, live sound that answers the lyrical plea for nostalgia and constancy. The album culminates in the massive, overflowing "Twiggy," which showers soulful horns and doo-woppy harmonies in a plea to arrest the changing of a pure soul. Plateau Below have been together for barely over a year, and have already delivered this beautiful album. Here's hoping some things never change.

Directed and mixed by Jack Ritter
Engineered by Michael McReynolds and the Engineering Committee
Produced by Patrick Dieterlen
Camera Direction by Tucker Scanlon
Videography by IUSTV


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