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Hip Hop History: Diddy Doesn't Know What A $1 Is

In 2009 a photograph of mogul Diddy looking confused at a $1 amongst his stack of $100s went viral and left the world questioning if P. Diddy knew what a $1 is.

Photo Credit: James Devaney

The photo was taken by James Devaney at a New York Knicks basketball game where Diddy was sitting court side and, almost obviously, it went viral nearly immediately. The popularity of this image is partially due to the fact that it was such an outrageous photo that was almost too easy to meme. The puzzled look on Diddy's face led people all across the internet to believe that Diddy was somehow so rich that he hadn't had contact with the smallest denominations of currency in so long that he genuinely did not remember that they existed. Twitter suddenly became green with envy and began creating a slew of hilarious memes that are still passed around in 2018.

Later in a Q&A with the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Diddy finally addressed the image and the speculation that he wasn't familiar with a dollar bill. When asked about the image Diddy simply responded "I love a $1 bill! I just make weird faces sometimes". Although that may be the truth, it's still a lot more fun to believe that he isn't even aware of the existence of a dollar bill.


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