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New Board-Certified Summertime Playlist

Summer is a blessed time where it seems like anything is possible. You have the entire season to have the summer romance of a lifetime, learn how to hand embroider a picture of your cat, or even stay up the entire night watching blooper reels of comedy shows! All summer experiences are valid and here at WIUX, we want you to fill all those sweet and sweaty memories with some good music. Here are some beautiful tunes to welcome summer and the new WIUX Board of Directors!

Joey Miller, President

"4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26]" by Aphex Twin

My favorite part is the plucks that start around 2:08, and for about a minute leading up to it is a section with some cool sounding chords along with the moving bassline.

Mitchell Banks, Vice President of Content and Programming

"Total Football" by Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts’ Human Performance was a definitive album for my senior year of high school and the best show I’ve ever seen at The Bishop. They’re America’s best punk boys and their new album Wide Awake! is another worthy testament to their creative and outstanding rock songwriting with Danger Mouse’s incomparable production to boot.

Nick Quigley, 99.1 Programming Director

"In My View" by Young Fathers

It’s hard to pin down what Young Fathers sounds like: it has elements of R&B, rap, even a little Broadway if you ask me. No matter what it is, I can’t stop listening.

Naari Jeong, B-Side Programming Director

"WHY DO FUCKBOIS HANG OUT ON THE NET" - Kid Milli and "Nice Boys" by Temporex

"WHY DO FUCKBOIS HANG OUT ON THE NET" is the perfect summer bop by Korean rapper, Kid Milli. I think I’ve already burned at least 1,000 collective calories raving to this song this summer.

Special mention: "Nice Boys" - Temporex. This song makes me want to sit in a meadow soaking up that good Vitamin D with a sketchbook, box of Crayolas, and an icy glass of orange juice.

Katie Maher, Music Director

"Hey! How Does Everybody Know?" by Arthur Russell

If there was a cheesy montage of my summer, this song would be playing during it.

Abby Harrison, Production Director

"Nothing From Nothing" by Billy Preston

I’m listening to "Nothing From Nothing" by Billy Preston because it’s a feel-good song that has a great beat and a classic oldie.

Jack Ritter, Chief Engineer

"I Know You Know" by Esperanza Spalding

I love this song because of how hard it grooves, and because it was so well recorded/produced. It sounds so big and vibrant!

Yeeseon Chae, Web Content Director

"Trust Me Baby" by Empress Of

I first heard this song off of Japanese Breakfast's playlist and now I'm convinced I could trust Lorely Rodriguez of Empress Of with my life! It's just upbeat and dreamy enough to be the perfect antidote to summertime ennui.

Kathryn Jankowski, Visual Content Director

"Te Dejaste Amar" by Messiah

Latin-pop music is my summer jam. It makes me feel like I am in a tropical place relaxing even though I am still in Bloomington dying from heat stroke.

Jilly Rafalski, Special Events Director

"Summertime" by The Head and the Heart

Clearly by the title, it gives me the summer feels and reminds me of past warm memories. The Head and The Heart is one of those bands that all my friends and family like so their music brings us all together!!

Michaela Dumesny, Public Relations Director

"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves

I’ve been listening to a lot of older music that has a great get up and go morning vibe on Spotify, called Have a Great Day! I’m doing an internship with IndyCar Radio and this month has been awesomely crazy, so this music has been awesome to get up and go to and commute back and forth from Indy to Bloomington. This song/playlist reflects my mood here at my exciting internship.

Patrick CasaSanta, Outreach and Alumni Relations Director

"1922" by Phil Cook

"1922" is an ideal summer song. Although it’s not a summertime smash hit like Omi’s “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)”, Phil Cook is able to put you in a similar disposition with his bluegrass influenced “Dad Rock”. This track is from his debut 2015 album Southland Mission. His sophomore album is out soon!

Hannah Cougill, Business Director

"Geyser" by Mitski

I’m going with Geyser by Mitski for my song because it’s perfect for blasting in the car and almost blowing out the speakers. :-)

Arty Derkach, Social Media Director

"Up (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)" by Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert

I like how Young Thug plays with the English language and Lil Uzi is one of the greatest artists, in my position.

Jack Noble, Art Director

"Tell Me Texas" by True Blue

I chose this song because it reminds me of summer weather and is a certified bop.

Zach Thielemann, Event DJ Director

"Jaded" by EDX

This is my favorite summer jam right now due to its versatility as a dance track. EDX has always championed a "summer" house sound, and "Jaded" is just the most recent example of this sound being updated for 2018.

Kenlynn Albright, Analytics Director

"Weekend Special" by Brenda & The Big Dudes

This is the song that makes me think of waking up in a good mood on summer mornings. I also feel like it’s the South African 80’s pop precursor to SZA’s “The Weekend” so that’s a pretty nice concept.

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