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Culture Shock

Your Introduction To Nice Try: Bloomington's Underrated Pop Band

Formed in Bloomington in 2013, Nice Try is perhaps one of the most underrated pop bands in the area, and one of the few hailing from this particular DIY scene.

Nice Try is a duo that strives to create music that you can not only dance to, but also relate to. You can feel the emotion (whether that's anxiousness or excitement) behind singer Madeline Robinson's every word. It's music that can make you feel real, honest good feelings, but can also make the perfect soundtrack for cleaning in the morning and perhaps that's what is so charming about it.

Nice Try will be performing tomorrow at Culture Shock at 1:50 PM. Here's a few of their tracks so you can dance around your room in your undies Friday night and know a few words to bob your head along to on Saturday afternoon:



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