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Culture Shock

WIUX Goes Record Shopping with brz

One of our multi-talented local acts to perform at this year's Culture Shock is brz. We invited the self-proclaimed abstraction to shop at Landlocked Music where we talked about his range of artistic influences and his upcoming projects.


Top Picks by brz

1. Camp - Childish Gambino

2. Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald, (1965)

3. Blue Bucket of Gold Live 12" Single + Hotline Bling Live (ft. Gallant) - Sufjan Stevens

4. The Shining - J Dilla

5. Live in Berkeley 1978 - Gil Scott-Heron & The Midnight Band

6. Porgy and Bess - Miles Davis

Special thanks to brz, Kenlynn Albright, and Landlocked Music!

You can see brz perform live at Culture Shock this Saturday, April 14th at Rhino's!


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