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Culture Shock

Experience Joy Again At Culture Shock

The origins of the Philly-based band, Joy Again, are almost mythic. The five members met while in boarding school and started making music to process their surroundings. We learned in an interview with Crybaby Zine that the name, Joy Again, follows a timeline like this. Band names themselves after crush named Joy. Crush finds out and gets mad. Band renames to "Forever Lesbians". Band keeps that name for about a year then feels they want the name of Joy, again. The band is in no shortage of magic as after some time playing in the Philly DIY-scene, they caught the attention of the limitless Shamir, who now also manages Joy Again.

The up-and-coming band is composed of Arthur Shea and Sachi DiSerafino who do vocals and play bass and guitar, Blaise O'Brien on the guitar and bass, Noah Burke on the keyboards, and Saint Sean Henry III on the drums. Joy Again has a blend of energy but also a tenderness that makes them sound like a '90s coming of age soundtrack. Fans of Big Thief and Slow Hollows will also enjoy Joy Again.

Here are five essential songs by Joy Again to get you acquainted with them if you haven't had the pleasure already.

Their most popular song, “Looking Out For You”, is both catchy and dreamy, as they croon about giving attention to someone who doesn’t seem to care.

Joy Again's "Another Song About Ghosts" plays like a sweet, indie lullaby but if you listen more closely, the warping of the voice hides the darker themes of loss and melancholy present in the lyrics.

"How You Feel" is a breezy post-breakup melody where self-awareness quickly turns to self-loathing as they attempt to talk to someone new.

Joy Again's most recent singles, "Kim" and "On A Farm", were released last September. "Kim" is a more uptempo song about feeling unworthy in front of one in a position of power whereas, "On A Farm" has a hazier feeling while they sing about needing a time for labor and a time to think.

Catch Joy Again's set at 6:15 this Culture Shock on Saturday, April 14th!


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