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An Interview With KAILACHARE

KAILACHARE, on ‘self-actualization pt. 1’:

“KAILACHARE is a self-titled, experimental project produced and/or sonically curated by myself. ‘self-actualization pt. 1’, my debut EP is basically me just experimenting and learning how to engineer my sound. I wanted to teach myself how to produce electronically, while also bringing along themes of black femininity and self-affirmation. To me, self-actualization is incredibly important in my creative process, especially as a femme-identifying person. It’s being able to say, “I made this, I produced this track, I wrote the lyrics, I recorded the vocals, I did the mix. I did it and it knocks.”

KAILACHARE on her beginning:
“A lot of people actually don’t know that I am a classically trained musician. I studied violin repertoire privately for 10 years and played in orchestras and ensembles before I ever even thought of writing my own music. My classical background, as well as coming up in a black home where gospel, soul, hip-hop, were the sounds I heard, influenced me a lot while also giving me the music theory skill to compose. But, I still have so much to learn.”


KAILACHARE on identity:
“Black femininity is a constant, a reprise, and a congregation of my experiences, generally, and of course musically. I’m interested in exploring the complexities of the black feminine diaspora through sound. I’m interested in erasing the threshold of what those distinctions even mean. I know a lot of people will expect r&b or urban contemporary sounds from me because of my identity, but I don’t want to be held to any expectations on my sound. I can do what I want. Black femme artists can do what we want, we can be experimental, we can be unorthodox! We can do anything.”


KAILACHARE on the process:

“Musically, it’s very abstract and not always consistent, but it works for me. Usually, a rhythm, melody, or hook will come first. Other times, it could be an entry in my journal, or a conversation with a friend that pulls the inspiration. Fluidity is very important to me when I’m writing, I always have an open mind, and I’m never confirming to any genre. I do everything in a bedroom studio, something that very important to me is comfort and familiarity when I’m creating something. It’s easy to become very vulnerable in your creativity so I love being able to record in the same space I call home.”


KAILACHARE on the future:
“I have a lot going on behind the scenes right now, new music and some more performances. It really is just the beginning for me, and that’s really exciting.I can only think it’s incredibly the surreal the amount of growth I’ve had in just the past few months, the people supporting me, it’s just a lot to take in but I’m so grateful.”


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