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What Are Rap Snacks?

I am not a morning person. If I can get away with not waking up before noon, I will. There aren't many things that can change that. A couple weeks ago, my mom tossed 3 bags of chips at me after I had worked late the night before. I glanced at them, chuckling at the novelty of chips named after various rappers, and had more questions than answers. What are rap snacks? Where did they come from? Is this the next big thing for hip-hop? After going to their website, I popped them open one by one and slowly had my questions answered.



I started with one of the more tame-looking bags before I moved onto the spicier flavors. Having never eaten cheddar cheese from a New York deli, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but just looking at the packaging, the flavor seemed promising.

Immediately after trying them I wanted more. It wasn't necessarily out of love how they tasted, but more out of curiosity. A mix of cheddar, sour cream, and sugar, it was not at all what you would think a traditional chip would taste like, or what a New York deli might sell. My guess is that Fabolous threw a New York shoutout on top of his flavor as a proud Brooklyn native, which might have gotten him a key to the city. Or not. Either way, the chips are good.



Next, I decided to go for what looked like the hottest chip out of the three. I've never been to Louisiana, but I expected the flavor to be what it advertised- straight up heat. I got that, and more. Like the other chips, this one seemed sweet, but with the added bonus of a chili kick. After eating a bunch of them in a row, the temperature does start to build, but it's worth it. The chip focuses on the heat without sacrificing flavor, which is hard to do. Not as good as Flaimin' Hot Cheetos, but still good.



I saved what looked like the best for last. This one looked like a good combo of the first two, plus it had Fetty Wap's face on it. After trying all of them, the title of it seemed to be the most accurate of the three as it tasted exactly like Honey Jalapeno and the sweetness of the chip was not a surprise.

If I had to rate Rap Snacks like an album, with each flavor being an individual track, I would give it a 5/7- a really funny idea that just needs a little more polishing. Apparently, there is also a Migos one that I will be buying in bulk as soon as I find them. Lil Romeo also has a flavor that I tried but I forgot to get a picture of it, but I'll just say it was also good. If nothing else, Rap Snacks knows how to make a unique flavored chip. Anyway, 5/7. Find them at a gas station near you.


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