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Culture Shock

An Introduction to F L A C O

If you are headed to Culture Shock this weekend, you definitely need to check out F L A C O, an experimental hip-hop artist from Indianapolis. The rapper was recently at SXSW where he did an a cappella freestyle for Pigeons & Planes. He moved and danced with the signature energy that he has during his live performances.

After his summer hit, "New Things," F L A C O recently released his newest project, Sleepinginjeans, featuring tracks like “Ice Close” and “Quick” that have hooks that will get stuck in your head for days.

Natives from Indy probably already know him, but if you don’t, you can watch the music video for “Ice Close” below. He'll be performing a hip-hop set with other Indianapolis artists, Drayco McCoy and Mathaius Young. Come to Culture Shock to see F L A C O in person on April 15 in Dunn Meadow.

You can listen to more of F L A C O's work here.


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