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WIUX Wins Four Awards at Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems

WIUX Pure Student Radio attended the 77th Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems
(IBS) awards in New York City this weekend. The station presented on four panels and also brought
home awards in the national college radio competition. Nominations were chosen in December and
January, and those chosen were among the top ten percent of all submissions received to IBS.
Panels included the following: Live in Studio Performances: How and Why, Comedy on the Radio:
Radio Ha Ha, Create Another Outlet: The WIUX Story, and NonComm Radio: American vs Canadian.
Presenters included Production Director Collin Thomas, Chief Engineer Nick Kinney, B-Side
Programming Director Dalia Erkman, Special Events Director Mike Higgins, General Manager Michael
Henderson, and Public Relations Director Annie Skertic.

In addition to presenting, the station took home top honors in four categories, and was named a
finalist in 17. WIUX won “Best Giveaway Item,” (Pitchfork 2016 Giveaway), “Best Comedy Program,”
(Radio Ha Ha), “Best News Interview,” (Justice Eiden, TEDx), and “Best Chief Engineer,” (Nick Kinney).
WIUX was nominated in the following categories: “Best Production Director” (Collin Thomas), “Best
Station Manager” (Brian Berger and Michael Henderson), “Best Artist/Band Interview” (Emily Abshire
and Conor Wiegmann- George Daniels from The 1975), Interview), “Best Liner” (Conor Wiegmann-
“Wild Child” and Eikhmal Syafig- “Keeping You Close”), “Best Men’s Basketball Play-by-Play” (Ben
Wittenstein-IU vs UNC), “Best Station Promotional Poster” (Emily Absire and Tadeusz Sadowski-
Pledge Drive Poster), a second nomination for “Best Giveaway Item” (Riot Fest Giveaway), “Best
Variety Program” (Brian Berger and the engineering staff), “Best YouTube Channel,” and “Best Blog.”
Additionally, WIUX was nominated for “Best Website” and “Best College Station (10,000+)” for the
second year in a row.

For more information on IBS, contact WIUX Production Director Collin Thomas at,
General Manager Michael Henderson at, and Chief Engineer Nick Kinney at


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