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Recap: El Ten Eleven at The Bishop 3/1

On March 1, El Ten Eleven, an instrumental duo comprised of Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty, stunned listeners with their trancing melodies and remarkable sound. For only two members, El Ten Eleven was able to fill the entire Bishop Bar with remarkable melodic complexities.

Drummer Fogarty utilizes acoustic and electric drums, while Dunn frequently switched between a doubleneck guitar and a bass. To up the musical intricacy, Dunn also frequently used a looping machine and multiple effects pedals.

Those who were present at the Bishop Tuesday night had a generally stellar experience. Between the elaborate music effects taking place before my eyes, the stage presence of the two, who have been making music together for close to fourteen years, and the set list, which was around 80 minutes long and never had a dull moment, the show was the epitome of post-rock experimental jaw-dropping power.


El Ten Eleven at The Bishop Photo by Jodie Lawrence


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