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Culture Shock

Local Surfing @ Middle Earth Co-op 2/5

Where: Bloomington Cooperative Living Middle Earth (404 W Kirkwood Ave)

When: Friday 2/5 at 10 p.m.

The best part is: It's free.

Video Grave:

One part punk, one part garage rock, and a dash of psychgaze, Video Grave hails from the great city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Video Grave features Bloomington local Pat Maloney along with Indy’s own Spencer Hartford, Alex Beckman, and Reid Markus. They recently produced their first music video as part of Musical Family Tree’s Music Video in a Day project. There’s a dollhouse in the middle of some woods. A chair gets broken. It’s pretty sweet.

The Greatest Band in the World:

Not really much to say about these guys; they are The Greatest Band In The World after all. Made up of Seven Hall and Lucas Fisher, they are the result of two unique musical backgrounds coming together to form something completely different than the sum of their parts. Now will they live up to their name? You can decide for yourself over on SoundCloud.

What’s Your Major?:

Making their big debut this Friday is What’s Your Major?. A powerful duo made up of Elijah Heath on drums and James Freeborn on guitar and vocals, their sound is like an indie rock ice cream cone with a fun, surfy, west coast vibe sprinkled all around the edges. These dudes are definitely looking forward to showing Bloomington what they have to offer to this melting pot of good vibes, so definitely make sure to check them out.

Local Surfing:

At this point, it’s almost safe to assume that everyone in the Bloomington music scene is familiar with this “surf-goth / sun-punk” foursome comprised of Hannah Groves, Brett Hoffman, Jack Andrews, and Kyle Impini. After coming onto the scene almost a year ago, Local Surfing has been become a big name around the Bloomington house show scene (they’re even playing the Bishop later this month!). Just last month they dropped a brand new EP, “WHAT A BUZZKILL”, for all of us to enjoy. You can check it out now on SoundCloud.

Hope to see you all out there Mitch and Moon



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