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Culture Shock


I feel like all I’ve been doing the entire month of February is screaming my head off. So many cool and exciting and wonderful things have happened! New shows! New music! Fave bands! It’s all too much; I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion (what else is new though). While each of these events deserves a 12-page analysis paper, I haven’t got time for that, so instead I’m going to run through them at lightning speed. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Margaret Glaspy’s EP

Okay, so technically this came out in January, but I’ve been listening to “Somebody to Anybody” nonstop since then, so it’s going on this list. Margaret Glaspy’s vocals can slip so effortlessly between commanding and tender and whatever she sings demands your attention. Let’s not even get into the lyrics on this puppy: “I don’t want to be somebody to anybody, no // I’m good at no one.” JUST STAB ME IN THE HEART. I’m eagerly awaiting her debut album due out later this year on ATO.

2. PWR BTTM’s KEXP session

After listening to their album on a continuous loop last semester and transcending my physical being during their show at the Bishop, I’ve ferociously devoured every piece of PWR BTTM-related news, and their KEXP session was probably the best Valentine’s Day gift I will ever receive. If you watch the entire session (and really, you should), you can hear Liv and Ben talk about their Bloomington show. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go light some candles at my shrine to them.

3. Darby Forever

THIS MOVIE. Gah. Aidy Bryant’s short film premiered on Vimeo last week, and it is just about the dreamiest thing I’ve ever seen. Darby works in a boring fabric store, but has an incredibly lively imagined world in which she becomes different versions of herself. The synthy soundtrack is perfect for the dreamy//hazy vibe of the whole film (honestly surprised it wasn’t debuted on Rookie because it’s that cute), and it is consistently hilarious. But what I love the most about Darby Forever is that it’s all about a girl who finds meaning in the most mundane circumstances, and there’s something really beautiful about being able to convey that idea with such charm and humor.

4. Love

This Netflix show, starring Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs, was created by Judd Apatow, and even if I didn’t provide you with that information, I bet you could have guessed! It’s witty, brash, and employs his brand of realism that is just slightly more uncomfortable than reality. The show, as you may have surmised from the title, follows Gus and Mickey as they haphazardly trip through what could be the beginnings of a relationship. The humor and expertly-handled timing (there were points where I felt like I was LITERALLY going to crawl out of my skin from hardcore secondhand embarrassment) might not be up everyone’s alley, but it’s definitely worth a try. The characters are honest and an idyllic take on romance is always appreciated.

5. Lucy Dacus’s debut album No Burden

Holy wow. This album was debuted on Noisey and it gives me A LOT OF FEELINGS. Dacus’s songs are self-aware and expertly crafted and her voice makes me cry little tears of joy. Formal review (who am I kidding, I just want to write 500 words about how great this is) forthcoming, but until then, check this girl out and weep with me.


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