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Culture Shock

Torres and Palehound @ The Bishop 1/22

Where: The Bishop (123 South Walnut Street)

When: Sunday 1/22 doors at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $12 and can be bought online here or at the door, the show is an 18+ event so all are welcome!

Palehound, the Boston, MA trio, released their debut album Dry Food in August 2015, and is set to return to Bloomington once again after opening up for Mitski back in Nov. Lyricism driven by the songwriter’s first major break up, driven by thumping base-lines with at times dreamy-surf rock guitar riffs that break down in an instant for a more chaotic twist to a worn out genre.

Mackenzie Scott, a Bible Belt child, deals with universal problems of growing up just as everyone else. However, on her sophomore album, Sprinter released under the artist name TORRES, her emotional expression come through in waves of personal and impersonal accounts.

Scott is at times dissonant and rough around the edges vocals backed by simple guitar riffs, heavily distorted, and filled with reverb emphasize the powerful lyricism on tracks like “Son, You Are No Island”. TORRES offers a look into some deep emotional wounds on “New Skin”, the agony and rage of her adolescence, but also the internal struggle of moving forward. TORRES puts forward a full range of emotion on Sprinter in a beautifully composed mixed of loud and quiet, rage and anguish tracks juxtaposed perfectly. The Bishop will offer an intimate spectacle to hear the raw power of TORRES’ music. Plus, no one has school Monday, there shouldn’t be a reason to not come and see the show.


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