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Pretend You Can Cook With These 3 Netflix Cooking Shows

Master Chef Junior

Hosted by Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and alternating between Christina Tosi and Joe Bastianich this American cooking show features 24 home cooks from ages 8 - 13. It is a season long competition. The winner of the competition win $100,000 and the master chef junior trophy. These children cook astounding and intricate dishes, some before they even know their multiplication tables. It will inspire you in two ways. One, all of the contestants are incredibly kind to each other, the older kids helping the younger kids if they can't carry or reach something. the second way, is that if these little dudes are capable of making a 5 star level dish then you can easily make dish you saw in video form on your Facebook news feed.

Warning: You will be rooting against some little kids, and man that doesn't feel great.


Cupcake Wars

The hosts for this sweet tooth tv show are Candace Nelson and Florain Ballanger, with special celebrity guests based off of the theme for the episode. The special guest judges range from astronauts to writers, all of whom are obvisouly ecstatic to be on the show for the episode. Each episode has four teams that are narrowed down in three rounds. The winning team receives $10,000 and the opportunity to have their cupcakes featured in an upcoming event. This show will open your eyes to the wonderful world of cupcakes, from anise to liverwurst to the classic red velvet.

Warning: You will want to eat a dozen cupcakes during and after the show.




Cutthroat Kitchen

Hosted by Alton Brown, this is a viscous game in the kitchen 4 contestants are narrowed down each episode in three rounds. At the beginning of the episode each contestant are given $25,000 to purchase sabotages (like forcing your opponent to only cook on a cooking stove, or the only cheese they can is from cheese puffs) or buy bonuses (like being the only person who can use salt). The catch, the contestants can only win what they didn't spend. This is a great, the show brings out the worst in these cooks so it is easy to vilify them.

Warning: You will feel like you can do better, but you probably can't




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