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Culture Shock

Frankie Cosmos- Fit Me In EP

Released: 11/13/2015


Musician/actress Greta Kline, better known by her stage name Frankie Cosmos, has been perfecting her poetic style of songwriting ever since her debut as queen of bedroom pop in 2011. Her 2014 studio album Zentropy impressed fans and critics alike, seamlessly blending pretty guitar instrumentals with wise and always relatable lyrics. This group’s newest release, however, appears to be a bit of a different beast.

Although these works both share at their core an indie-pop sensibility, Fit Me In is undeniably an attempt on Kline’s part to experiment with the uncharted sounds of this genre. From the very first second of the opening track “Korean Food”, the listener is immediately engulfed in washy synths and pulsing drum machine beats, closely followed by Kline’s feather-light vocals. Reminiscent of laid back new wave, a large portion of the tracks on Fit Me In sound like something you might hear at the end of a high school prom in 1984- can someone say charming?

It would be a mistake, however, to dismiss this EP as synthpop pastiche; Kline’s witty and sometimes even pointed lyrics make these tracks anything but generic. Being a young woman trying to be taken seriously in her profession, Kline has dealt with a considerable amount of typecasting by the industry since her rise to prominence. Kline’s frustration with the fact that young female musicians are evaluated on such a drastically different level than male figures is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent themes on this EP. The track “Young” embodies this sentiment perfectly, opening with the lyrics, “With this I’m scraping by / At least it’s cute that I try.”

Bookending this statement track are two endearing love songs that seem to have become a Frankie Cosmos specialty. Void of any cliché fluff, “Korean Food” and “Sand” can only be described as downright beautiful. Full of genuine sentimentality, “Korean Food” is the unadulterated embodiment of young love and all of the airy feelings that come with it. “Sand”, on the other hand, is a short and sweet declaration of affection that could make even the most stubborn pessimist smile. Kline’s deft approach to this exhausted and often generic concept is refreshing in a way that is not only unexpected, but absolutely appreciated.

Full of innovation, personality, and wit, Fit Me In is successful on a multitude of levels, easily conquering territory that was previously uncharted for this group. If this EP is in any way an indication of what to expect from Frankie Cosmos’s upcoming LP, we’re all in store for a fresh, insightful, and above all purely enjoyable album.

Frankie Cosmos will be playing at the Bishop on Monday, Nov. 16 with All Dogs and Nice Try. The show starts at 9 p.m., tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.


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