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Culture Shock

Dietrich Jon to Perform at CMJ's Music Marathon

Bloomington-based band Dietrich Jon will be performing live at this year's College Music Journal Music Marathon in New York City. 2015 marks the 35th annual CMJ Music Marathon, where bands across the nation are invited to New York to play at local independent venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Marathon is part of CMJ's annual fall conference and awards ceremony, which will be held from October 13th - October 17th.

Dietrich Jon, a favorite local band in Bloomington and a part of Culture Shock 2014's lineup, will be performing at the Pine Box Rock Shop on Tuesday, October 13 from 10:30 to 11:15 p.m. Some of the other bands that are playing on Tuesday include Caveboy, Caged Animals, Twiga, and Wet Leather.

In Dietrich Jon's interview with CMJ, which included favorite road trip song and whats on their NYC must do list, the band listed WIUX as their favorite college radio station.


Check back to the blog later this week for our interview with the band and the video from the Live in Living Room session we did with them a few weeks back.


Dietrich Jon on the porch of WIUX


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