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Culture Shock

Proper Culture Shock Etiquette

Culture Shock is right around the corner, and it is timed to get prepared for the festivities! Here's a to-do list on how to get the most out of Culture Shock this year:


1. Dress to Impress!

Wear as much WIUX Gear as possible! Dress to the nines and show your support for your local Pure Student Radio Station! Don't have any WIUX gear, Don't worry; there will be plenty of merch tables set up during the festival! Tanks will be sold at the festival for $10 and fanny packs for $5.


2. Be Safe!

Please remember that this is a Indiana University STUDENT ORGANIZATION event; so, be smart when it comes to various substances that should not technicalllllyyyyyyy be allowed.


3. Brush up on the Artists beforehand!

We have some great bands playing, so give 'em a listen; you never know what you might find!

Foxygen, TOPS and Twin Peaks

Mike Adams

Oreo Jones and Sirius Blvck

Thee Tsumanis

Dietrich Jon

Vista Kid Cruiser


Seriously... Don't bring them; just don't do it.


5. Stay Hydrated and Wear Appropriate Clothing!

The forecast says sunny skies, so dress accordingly! Consider bringing a bottle of watter and a some sunscreen! Always remember that UV Rays are extremely harmful to your skin.


6. Bring some Friends!

Friends... Family... your Dog... Imaginary Friends... Whomever! But don't worry if you're all alone, Culture Shock will be a great place to meet new people who all have something in common with you: an universal love for ~pure student radio~


7. Social Media!

Tweet! Insta! Facebook! Tumblr! Tinder! Google +! Myspace (tehee Tom)! Use the #‎WIUXCS15‬ and show everyone that you are going to THE 2015 Culture Shock! Your Aunt Jeanne (who's really only your Aunt by marriage) from Wisconsin will be so jealous!



Forget about finals, about how you need to finish all of your homework before Little 5, and about how you need to get to the Wright Food Court before it closes at 10 p.m. (C-Store at Midnight). Just have FUN!


See you at Culture Shock!







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