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Culture Shock

Culture Shock 2015: Dietrich Jenga Jon

Mike Higgins: Through all the craziness of the week leading up to The 2015 Culture Shock, myself and my partner in crime, Dalia Erkman, were able to sit down for a lovely game of Jenga with Bloomington's own, Dietrich Jon. The band consists of Diederik van Wassenaer on vocals, electric and acoustic guitars and strings, Nicholas Harley on electric guitar, Connor Grimm on vocals and bass guitar, and Mark Edlin on vocals, drums and percussion.

They are a group of musically talented, down-to-earth, flannel wielding guys who can play a solid game of Jenga and toss a frisbee. Dietrich Jon has mass name recognition in the Bloomington area. Not only do they perform as Dietrich Jon, but also as The Underhills and a few other bands. In the past year, the band has been promoting their "Higher EP", which contains great songs such as S.Y.B.G. and Her. The "Higher EP" introduces a creative way of incorporating the violin into a rockin' indie sound. In addition to the promotion of the EP, the band is making plans of working on a full length album over the summer.

You can catch this fantastic band for FREE this Saturday, April 11th at WIUX's Culture Shock in Dunn Meadow from 1 to 10 p.m. Dietrich Jon is only one of the beautiful Bloomington bands that will be playing at this festival. Drop by for awhile and shake your boot to some groovin' tunes!

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Video by Dalia Erkman

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