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Making the Breakfast from the Twin Peaks' song "Making Breakfast"



Twin Peaks is one of our headliner's for the 2015 Culture Shock music festival this April 11th. To prepare for the show, you better believe they will probably have a big breakfast - it is the most important meal of the day. If you want to have a Twin Peaks style breakfast to get you going in the morning, I've broken down the four things you need to do while making breakfast, using their song "Making Breakfast.




1) Coffee - for some people this may be the most important components to making breakfast, not being able to function without their daily cup (or cups of Joe). It is very important to get a mug that speaks to you just like the mug pictured above. WIUX has a pink mug with flamingos on it. What will your mug have on it? Unlike in the video, you don't actually have to make the coffee in a pot on your grill outside in the morning. Bonus points if you do, but you can also simply buy coffee or use a coffee marker. Just follow your heart on that one.





2) Bacon - Urban Dictionary defines bacon as:

n. Delicious strips of juicy, pork heaven.

n. Served often at breakfast with eggs, but perfectly good served alone and at any time of day.

Highly recommended to cook the bacon into pancakes. But make sure to precook the bacon all of the way through before adding to the pancake batter. Similar to the coffee, you don't have to make it outside on a grill in order for it to be "pork heaven," but frankly it wouldn't hurt.


3) Chinese Food - This one is easy because Twin Peaks is getting it delivered and so you can too. But if you are feeling adventurous in the early morning here are some internet recipes for Chinese food that you can try out. If it were me, I'd do left overs from the day before. Less effort and quicker to your mouth.




4) Eggs- This is the key to making breakfast. Almost anything can be made into breakfast food by adding it to eggs. Take some of the Chinese food from the last step and whip it into an omelette - BAM it is breakfast food. We do not recommend smashing the eggs on your head before cooking, but you do you.



**BONUS STEP** 5) Share with your friends - As they say, sharing is caring. Check out Twin Peaks' "Making Breakfast" below, as you think about making your own.



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