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Culture Shock

A Handsome Image-Review of Deptford Goth's Songs


Release: November 3 via 37 Adventures
Rating: 5/7 stars

Normally, I would use this space to heap language on the temper and sins of Deptford Goth’s second LP, Songs, lingering on its inoffensiveness, its romantic-yet-not-mawkish, sugar-and-salt loveliness, its congruence with All-American Reject’s Move Along in that neither album will tire my ear after ten hours repeating, in that both albums fan out in tried theoretical brilliance despite their modernity. I would remark on its airy swirls of highness with toy rhythm and juxtapose any of its eleven tracks with the last minutes of an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Día de Muertos is a heavy weekend, though, and I spent half of it listening to “Lifestyle;” as a result, I no longer see any value in the articulate verbalization of ideas, at least for now. So, in the spirit of Young Thug, I refuse to use my words. Here’s a track-by-track review with my thoughts, opinions, emotions and/or dancing illustrated by the art of Auguste Rodin:

I. “Relics”

II. "Do Exist"

III. "The Lovers"

IV. "We Symbolise"

V. "Code"

VI. "The Loop"

VII. "A Circle"

VIII. "Near to a River"

IX. "Dust"

X. "Two Hearts"

XI. "A Shelter, A Weapon"


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