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Come see some fresh new work at the Grunwald Art Gallery, done by Rebecca Schedl (painting), Mary Prusha (graphic design), Aaron Bennett (sculpture), and Anna Schink (photography). The show went up on April 1 and will be open for viewing until April 5. The opening will be this Friday from 6 to 8 p.m, and promises to be a wonderful event like always!

This week I got to hear from Rebecca Schedl, a painter in Indiana University’s BFA program. Schedl said that she got into painting because of her grandmother and role model, Naomi Schedl, who was a painter at the University of Iowa. She has many memories of her grandparents’ house, which was full of paints, art books, and a rich art collection.

Schedl described the themes (plural) of her work as full of biological allusions, such as those of onion skins and cell division. Although she doesn’t consider herself the next Marie Curie, she explained, “I take a lot of joy in the process of discovery that the natural world inspires. I hope to bring that love of discovery to other people in some small way.”

Currently, her favorite artist is Tara Donovan, who creates stunning works using avant-garde materials such as Styrofoam cups and paper plates. To Schedl, Donovan’s work “is very much about re-evaluating everyday objects—things that we so often we sort of forget they exist—and making them into something new and engaging. In a larger way, I think it’s about not taking things of even people for granted because they each have their own inherent beauty. It’s artwork that really fits with my worldview.”

Schedl plans to leave Indiana University after completing the BFA program. As the job market “isn’t exactly stellar right now for artists,” she plans on waiting for the perfect MFA program to come along.


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